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Cumberland Hill Fire Department
3502 Mendon Road
Cumberland, Rhode Island

Radio Frequencies New!

Public Emergency Prepardness

Do You Need Disaster Assistance?

If you require assistance for damages occurring during the March 2010 Floods, the following link is provided to direct you to the proper agencies. www.disasterassistance.gov

Public Meeting Info

All public meetings held in regards to the Cumberland Hill Fire District are posted in advance on the Secretary of state website as required by law. Information on these meetings can be obtained directly from the S.O.S website.


Fire District Merger Study

The Cumberland Fire District Consolidation Comittee retained the services of J. Curtis Varone to evaluate the current level of fire protection provided by the Cumberland Hill Fire District and the town of Cumberland in general, and to evaluate how that level of protection would be improved or diminished in light of the proposals currently being considered by the town of Cumberland for consolidation of the four fire districts.

Download Report here....

Mission Statement

"The primary objective of the Cumberland Hill Fire Department is the protection of human life and property from fire and the prevention and suppression of fire. In addition, it shall be the duty of the fire department to remove or cause the removal of all persons from danger and to provide emergency medical aid and general public assistance as directed by the Chief of the Department or his designee"

"In An Emergency, Always Call 911"

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